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Konny Inshadow NFT



Is the first character by Fabio Rotella, one of the first, in Architecture and Design category, who has created an unpublished NFT collection, composed of static and animate images. Konny is a bunny who lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Konny will guarantee a series of benefits, that will be released, every time a goal of the Roadmap is achived.

Send us an e-mail to buy a unique Konny!

You will receive a code for accessing to the sale.

Milano Digital Week 2023



Phygital Art:

“Konny Collection - by Fabio Rotella”


At: La Boutique - Tempini 1921

from 6:30 PM to 09:00 PM



You can find the sale of a few unique pieces of Konny artworks on Foundation. If you want to have more info, contact us on our platforms, or send us a message by email.

Konny Instagram
Konny GIF
Konny Foundation



In April, Konny NFTs collection will be available on Opensea in two steps.


We will open for a limited time the presale of 300 NFTs of 3000 posts during the Milan Design Week where, the architect Fabio Rotella, will exhibit the Rotella Circus project and he will announce the open of presale.


On our social we will communicate the release all of 2700 Konny NFTs pieces for a limited time. Each Konny is one of one made on a combination of randomized elements.



Konny is a rabbit of Rotella Circus, the first iconic character which will show itself in its various metamorphosis. Konny will make us travel in a dreamlike dimension where animals live together with humans and seed humans who, in a succession of performances and artistic actions, will express thoughts related to modernity, the mysteries of the universe, the love for the planet earth and ... more

Konny Solidarity Bakround

Konny Solidarity


Rotella Circus expresses its support for Ukraine and creates a special NFT dedicated to the historical moment.

Milan Design Week 2022


Follow the event from 6 to 12 June in the Metaverse. Daily live streaming, Crypto Art Gallery, Treasure Hunt and other surprises!

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