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Fabio Rotella


Eclectic architect, born in 1963, disciple of Alessandro Mendini, one of the most important Italian architects and theorists of design, with whom he followed international projects of architecture, and design; Fabio grandson of the artist Mimmo Rotella, representative of Italian Pop Art in the world. After his experience in the Atelier Mendini from '90 to '96, he founded Studio Rotella in Milan, followed by the offices in Beijing in 2013 and Malta in 2019. His projects range from Master Plans for important Chinese cities to public and private architecture, industrial design projects, creative director of important companies and curator of cultural events.

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Rotella Circus Roadmap


Social media campaigns

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Foundation sale

Konny Artworks

We will open the sale of a few unique pieces of Konny artworks. If you want to have more info, contact us on our platforms, or send us a message by email.


Milan Design Week

From 6 to 12 June don’t miss the event during the Milan design week! We will present the Rotella Circus project and exhibit the first installation of Konny NFTs at the Castello Sforzesco (Piazza del Cannone).


Future NFTs projects

When the previous Konny projects will be sold out, we will launch new NFTs projects, which will be part of Rotella Circus. Stay tuned and follow us on our channels to find out more!


Rotella Circus Metaverse

When the previous projects will be sold out, we will launch the Rotella Circus Metaverse, where you can enter with your personalyze NFT by Rotella Circus!


Team Rotella

We are creative team currently focusing on architecture & design, graphic design, industrial design, 3D modeling and animations. Discover more about our projects following the Studio Rotella website:

Among our most important collaborations:

Heineken, Mc Donald's, Swatch, Bisazza, Coca Cola, Breil, Fiat.

Art mania


Research of creativity, against the will… A continuous thought that goes beyond rationality and leads to daily mania.

Creative Obsession

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